Bartco Software Support

BARTCO provides high quality and reliable software management solutions that communicates directly with your BARTCO product to optimise, monitor and control your assets, bringing value to your business.



BARTCO WebStudio™ is a web-based application that runs on BARTCO's secure cloud network for maximum security and high availability. It has been developed to allow customers to interact and provide full management of their BARTCO products; including Variable Message Signs (VMS), Electronic Fire Rating signs and Portable Traffic Signals.

Customers can view operational status ranging from;
  • GPS location
  • Battery voltage levels
  • Light output level
  • Active alarms
  • Message / Graphic display
  • Communications status
  • Controller status

WebStudio™ is a real-time internet based communication facility enabling live communication via cellular or satellite networks from any internet enabled PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile, eliminating the need for the installation of local software.

Key Benefits to using BARTCO WebStudio™;
  • Real-time communication with single assets and/or fleet.
  • Fully web based allowing remote programing from any internet enabled PC / Laptop / Tablet or mobile.
  • View each product's operational status.
  • Enhanced security to create and manage users.
  • Asset Management and tracking system incorporated.
  • Server storage to access product and/or user history.



CurbSite™ Lite is a free application for all valued customers of BARTCO Traffic Equipment Pty. Ltd. CurbSite™ Lite is used to remotely programme and control your BARTCO VMS (Variable Message Sign).

Download on App Store Click on image to download from iTunes.

Features include:
  • Easy to navigate
  • Secure username and password access
  • Integrates with your smartphone mapping system to locate your VMS
  • Access to all your WebStudio™ files
  • Status information of your VMS, including current message displayed
  • Upload messages to individual, multiple or grouped VMS